We wanted to make it easier for people who are in peril and are afraid and want to contact help but do not want to be known by the aggressor or need help fast. When you are calling authorities, you typically make a lot of noise but with app you only have to tap in the situation you are in and an alert gets sent right away. This app also help when someone is panicking with a physical injury or with a fire. The person only needs a few taps and help is on the away. The app eliminates the need to talk to a representative and give the proper information. It generalizes what each situation is so the authorities are better prepared when they arrive.

We built this app using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript and with the help of Phonegap (an application that accepts the scripts and displays it on the phone.) because no one in our team knew Java (which is the most common app language). A few knew HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript so we decided on those languages.

Some challenges we had was getting the Google Location API to actually work. It took some times and fiddling to make the map display when you click a button. Another challenge we had was having the health form saved. Making the HTML pages and the CSS work was also very time consuming.

We learnt quite a few things. We learned how to work as a team with limited tools and knowledge, how to account for our weaknesses, how to use geolocation, and other concepts. But it helped get a better grasp of the languages we worked with for this project.

ERCA had a lot planned for her. We wanted to give her health forms that she can save for each person that uses the app, and have different panels where a person can learn how to keep themselves safe in whatever situation. With more time ERCA would become a therapeutic (different colors and fonts help people relax), informative (the panels), and a fast emergency application.

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