Problem: No way to directly exchange ERC-721 for ERC-20.

  • Users have to use the 3rd party or marketplace
  • Game items are “locked” when in the 3rd party possession/auction
  • Can’t play the game/use items while in the 3rd party possession
  • Marketplaces charge as high as a 3% fee
  • Marketplaces need to allow support for every individual ERC-721 contract - which is not universal ## What it does
  • Deploy your own agent using our website. List all of your kitties, cars, and etc. for sale!
  • Buy items directly from other users. Make an offer and complete the transaction in one click
  • Play games while your items are listed for sale. Nothing restricts you from breeding your kitty or blowing up a car!
  • See all your collectibles in one place. Any crypto-collectible is automatically supported
  • Supports erc-20 and erc-721. You can sell cars for Ether or other ERC-20 tokens - other ERC-20 tokens coming soon
  • Users actually own the vsa they deployed. Unlike all the marketplaces out there, users actually own their “mini-eBay”. ## How we built it
  • This was build using Node.js with React, and using Nginx as a proxy. The smart contracts were written in Solidity using MetaMask as a wallet. ## Challenges we ran into
    • There were problems with Web3 because it is still in beta and the documentation is limited.
  • We also had problems with Next.js and Next.js because we wanted to run code client side and could not always keep track if it's being run on the client or the server.
  • The current Solidity contracts needed to be upgraded due to bugs and required functions that needed to be added - this required the contract to be redeployed multiple times.
  • There was too much gas being in vendor commission transactions. This prevented the transaction from being completed. This will have to be addressed later.
  • There were issues with deploying Node.js on the server using Nginx as a proxy, and there was some slight errors with getting the public web server working over SSL. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • Being able to link Web3 to Next.js and React
  • Solidity compiled on first try
  • Code looks cool - it's well formatted on the backend and the front end.
  • Being able to interchange crypto-collectables for Ether ## What we learned
  • We learned how to successfully deploy Node using React via an Nginx proxy, using SSL.
  • How to deploy contracts on the test net Rinkeby, and how to have Ether interchange for crypto-collectables. ## What's next for Virtual Sales Agent
  • Optimizing gas for commission transactions
  • Adding support for other ERC-20 tokens. Improve the UI of the dApp

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