Initially ERC721RA was created for our internal NFT projects to have refund feature and gas saving. However the existing implementation are buggy. We decide to build our own.

What it does

ERC721RA gives NFT minters freedom to return the NFTs and get refund. It supports multiple token minting and significantly reduces the gas cost. The refundability helps improve creators accountability and prevent rugpull and improve credibility of creators.

How we built it

I have created the project using Solidity, Hardhat Gas Report, Chai unit testing.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges are how we can optimize solidity code without introducing any potential ricks to the smart contract. The projects built within a very short and intense timeframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

ERC721RA can significantly reduced gas usage of NFT minting without any sacrifice of security. It improve the trusts between NFT owners and creators.

What we learned

We have learned the gas optimization techniques with Solidity, how to build an NFT standard to simplify the dev process for other developers.

What's next for ERC721RA - Refundable and Gas Saving NFT

Advocate the idea, promote the refundable NFT as an industrial standard and support the future development of ERC721RA, eg. Roadmap based locking mechanism. Ultimately we are going to develop more NFTs with ERC721RA

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