The project aims to support Orchards (fruit & Nut farming) for fruitfully harvest.

Inspiration:- The aim of the project is to showcase the power of blockchain in the physical world sector meaning using the immutability and decentralization to support the orchards and aiming to let users be part as vital role members in the supply chain and management of orchard farming.

Technical Flow:-

  1. Orchards register their farms, which are represented as NFT with attributes including the sq area of the land, Name of the fruits grown, etc.
  2. The user supports these farms (real-life farms) they stake (donate) on the platform.
  3. To keep things fair so small Orchards too can raise collateral. The donations are distributed randomly.
  4. The random choice is computed from chainlink VRF so the donation to orchards is fair and unpredictable.
  5. The yield is returned to donators (stakers) by orchards by the amount raised by the harvest. The harvest reward is represented as ERC20 (mock DAI, USDT) but in real case scenario it would be ETH, etc

Orchard application makes use of the following software:

  1. NFTStorage: for data storage on IPFS that generates a transaction hash used to create an NFT of a photo.
  2. Solidity: for the smart contract
  3. OpenZeppelin ERC721: we use the ERC721 template for faster development of the Orchards smart contract
  4. Ganache: for local blockchain development
  5. Rinkeby: the network I deployed the app
  6. React Js, Material-UI, Web3: React Js for the frontend, Material-UI, and Web3 to connect to the blockchain.
  7. Chainlink: To generate random numbers so funds are distributed randomly I have used Chainlink VRF.

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