ERBuddy - Emergency Care Simplified

We're decentralizing electronic health records ("EHR's") so patients and their caregivers have their info when they need it, especially in an emergency. All big hospital systems are vulnerable to being hacked so why not decentralize and trust the patients and empower them to store their own personal health records ("PHI") and share securely with EMT's, ER Hospitals, and Primary Physicians using private blockchain encryption keys to reduce all repetitive and scattered information flow.

According to Centers of Medicare and Medicaid ("CMS"), there's a high 17-20% ER and hospital readmission rate due to lack of medication adherence, insufficient care follow-up and other avoidable issues. That's where we come in....., ERbuddy!

We are participating in the Microsoft prize competition, and have used Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Work Bench blockchain platform and the Microsoft Health Vault patient portal for this hackathon.

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