By Aanand K, Nirmit A, Raghav G., William H.

How many times has it happened that you thought of a really cool idea, but you weren't sure if it had been done before, how well received it would be. Or maybe, you were sure you wanted to work on it, but needed help or funding.

Erbium was built to solve this problem. You can search for other projects on Erbium, and see screenshots, a description of the project, and a bit more information about it.

How did we build Erbium?

We built Erbium with the standard web stack - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Because we needed persistent data storage and a few other features, we chose to utilize Firebase.

Erbium also makes use of Materialize for a host of UI niceties.

Who can use Erbium

Anyone who wants to embark on a project can utilize Erbium for funding or assistance, and to find out how interested people are in seeing the project happen.

Challenges I ran into

One major challenge was the structure of our code. I had to overhaul the whole project after the rest of my team had to leave.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app looks pretty sleek, it works well, and nobody will die.

What's next?

We plan to add a variety of ways to sort the projects, into categories like trending, popular, most popular, etc. Erbium can also use a major code overhaul ;).

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