Problem statement: Not many kids and teachers as well know much about our political representatives. One problem is that people don’t know much about these political representatives and then they choose the wrong person. These political representatives have control of our future and by choosing the wrong person, we are spoiling our future.

Solution: The features that we want to include in our app are given below:

  1. Sign up/ Log in
  2. Using We will use location tracker api we will link users to their personal representatives. Also, we will use push notifications to provide our user with factual information about their representative - Gives location - Politicans

  3. Public satisfaction tracker : If a politician is true to their words after they get elected for a position. We will use the new research survey api.

  4. Poll tracker: It's hard to keep up with the recent polls. Using real clear politics api we will create a graph to show who's ahead in the political race.

  5. Express thoughts about political figures. People around different places wants to know what other people thinks about a certain candidate. Basically, a forum.

Why: Our group wants to educate teenagers about our nation's political figures. Last week, our US history teacher asked the class to name the senators of NYC. Nobody was able to answer the question. When we asked him who were they, even he struggled to answer the question. We concluded that there are many students in our community who are misinformed about our nation's political figures. Therefore, we want to create an app which provides students with factual information about their political figures. Besides, with the recent presidential election coming, our platform could help adults to choose a candidate who has capability to lead our country to a new era of greatness. Also, the candidate they pick in the future will have a direct effect on how the educational system works in our nation. To put it simply, our app will help voters to decide on a political candidate who best suits for the job.

Competitors: CNN- general news and doesn't focus on politics itself. Not a lot of people see politics,

PollTracker- aggregates all publicly available polling data, combines it in a regression analysis, and uses the results to produce averages, in-depth breakdowns, and graphics of the numbers. ,

Sitegeist- national information to compile accessible statistics about political positions in specific areas.

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