ER Translator

Early Diagnosis and fast, accurate treatment for non English speaking Patients

Design Goals

Early Diagnosis and fast, accurate treatment is the key to any successful medical interaction. In some cases, a matter of seconds can be the difference between life and death. More often than we would like, a language barrier gets in the way and either hinders, or completely cripples an interaction between a patient and a Doctor or EMT.

What IFs !!

  1. What if you could ask the patient for the reason he found himself in emergency room.
  2. What if you could ask key points questions in many languages without waiting for human translator which can be very long in ER?
  3. What if you could record the conversation for future evidence and diagnosis?
  4. What if you could send SOS message with all information to physician for further investigation and fast acting actions?
  5. What if you could translate the Questions for blind patient by clicking on voice translator?
  6. What if you could save money to the hospital by using electronic patient- caregiver translator?
  7. The patient may have important indicators and life threating situation as Heart attack which can lead to fast acting actions performed by the nurse.

Problem Statement

What if the patient cannot express himself in English and the Nurse doesn't understand patient language. What if the nurse doesn't have predefined questions to ask the patient, the Translator will cover both cases guide the Nurse to correct questions and patient's answers.

Current Scenarios in ED

Patient arrived to ER with Chest Pain and does not speak English ?!

Nurse Action

  1. Call the translator which may be busy with other patient or not in ER at the moment.
  2. Leave the patient and wait for the translator to arrive. As you understand patient's life in danger while waiting to the translator with life threating situation any moment count.

Nurse Action With ER Translator

  1. The nurse will ask the patient for his language and select the language.
  2. The nurse will ask the patient questions by clicking on the question; the patient will get the question and will select the answer. Some answers will indicate red flag which will allow the nurse to call on board Physician.
  3. The questions will be made by Clinical staff for each patient complains.


  1. Save life.
  2. Help the patient to express himself.
  3. Help the nurse to understand the patient and decide on future actions.
  4. Remind the nurse for critical situation depends on patient answer.
  5. Record the dialogs.
  6. Save money by using electronic translator.
  7. Send the dialog as text message to physician on board.

Prototype [Best viewed in iPAD Portrait]

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