bioengineering students looking to find a solution tackling several different emergency room issues.

What it does

  • patients can create a shared profile with the hospital that allows for faster check in and treatment (no need to re-enter info)
  • shows ER patient capacity and wait times in real time
  • connects you to your nearest emergency room
  • allows you to reserve a spot in the ER
  • has reference archives to help determine whether a medical condition requires visiting the ER

How we built it

  • MIT app inventor with C++

Challenges we ran into

  • designing the patient capacity and time loops (the app is running on the premise that there are already pre-installed and connected programs with the hospitals accounting for the amount of time it takes to be seen based on current patient capacity)
  • storing user entry data for future use

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we completed a running application that achieved all the targeted functions
  • smooth interface & aesthetic

What we learned

  • reinforced our knowledge of C++
  • how to use MIT App Inventor
  • how to make an Android app

What's next for ER Mate

  • polish existing features
  • add more features & design the hospital interface/program
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