Inspiration: Many science cources are very computationally heavy. In dynamics physics involving complicated systems of pulleys and springs, or in linear circuits with big ugly circuit diagrams, one often have to solve systems of up to 6 linear equations. This mathematical nightmare takes away from the initial intent of the question, and Eqwation is the fast and easy solution.

Target: University students currently enrolled in science courses involving heavy linear computations. Professionals and researchers are also welcome to use Eqwation, as it generally feels more elegant than using a dull calculator.

Features: Eqwation is powerful and fast. Emphasis on fast. Theis web-page was specifically engineered so that it can be purely operated on the keyboard. This feature is perfect for those users who dislike switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse. This is not the only advantage it has over other web-based math solvers. Unlike the popular Wolfram Alpha, the user needs not enter math in an uncomfortable format. No variables or brackets needed, just enter a few numbers and you're all set! Designed to be used on a pc, but perfectly functional on mobile devices as well.

Eqwation is built from the ground up, starting from plain scratch. It is beautiful combination of pure HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript code, using no libraries nor frameworks. Yet it is elegant and functional. It also has personality. It will judge you if you use it to solve very easy problems.

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