We love CRM at Eligeo. It's in our DNA and it's been part of the fabric of our history since we started in 2008. As a leading partner, our team felt passionate about bringing more of the CRM functionality that we love to Our clients are always asking us for more ways to extend and what they wanted was an easy to way to get invoices and quotes out to clients.

That is why we've built eQuotes. Our lead developer, Gary Singh, is the creative genius behind the development of eQuotes and its entire infrastructure. His passion for quality code and attention to detail has brought this key CRM functionality to life.

What it does

eQuotes provides an integrated sales system using three key boards, all available in the template gallery. The first one is a templates board which allows users to store Microsoft Word documents with merge fields that can be used inside of the eQuotes tool. The products board allows users to store a list of products and services that they want to offer to their customers.

It all comes together with the Quotes board that displays a Quoting tool directly inside of the Item View for each of the items in your quotes board. You can click, configure and download a quote or invoice quickly and easily.

eQuotes also supports DocuSign via our eDigital Signatures App which allows you to send that same quote or invoice via DocuSign with a click of a button.

How we built it

eQuotes is a native app built inside of utilizing a number of API's from Eligeo's App Portal server. The App Portal server provides tight integration with DocuSign as well as the creation and downloading of Word and PDF versions of quotes requested by users.

What's next for eQuotes

eQuotes is pending approval to the marketplace and will be available to all very soon. The eDigital Signatures (DocuSign) add-on will be available in December 2020.

Setup Guides & Instructions

eQuotes Initial Setup

Managing Templates in eQuotes

Managing Products in eQuotes

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