John lives in a small town where his high school has limited learning resources. He wants to explore her potential, and find new things that peak her interest.

We are Ejuka - a cutting edge Communal Learning Platform that brings people together, working in tandem to educate the community.

On Ejuka, users like John can find a community that shares their interests. With the reliable resources, like youtube series or step-by-step instructions, as well as positive encouragement provided by the community, he doesn’t have to pursue his interests alone.

Our machine learning technology and user ranking system work together to provide users with resources and discussions that relate to their selected interests and Ejuka activity. Depending on the discussions John looks at and how he ranks them, his newsfeed will update accordingly.

Our platform strives for equity in education. No matter your situation, Ejuka provides an efficient way to find reliable resources, without having to filter out search results on your own. With Ejuka, there is nothing holding you back from learning more.

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