Being a new generation that is exposed to the adverse effects of climate change, we wanted to address this problem of disproportionate environmental problems. Change can only come when people are aware of their local climate situation and how it impacts the climate globally.

What it does

Our awareness website provides access to a user's Air Quality index and other weather information. We compare regions of contrasting socioeconomic situations to highlight the environmental disparity.

How we built it

We used react.js, HTML, CSS, JS and bootstrap for the interface of our website. We integrated the breezometer API in order to get weather information on demand based on location data.

Challenges we ran into

We were new to API integration, this caused us to run into problems with the website and Visual Studio code. But we overcame these problems after working on it together and using the help of mentors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to provide easy access to air quality information. We use this information to provide resources and suggestions to users.

What we learned

We learned the fundamentals of API integration. We also learned react.js through the workshops of HydraHacks. Through this knowledge, we were able to build a simple, functional and user-interactive website.

What's next for Equitable Air

We have many plans for continuing to help educate community members about the disparities in environmental conditions for communities of color. Some of these include: -Adding water quality information -Overlaying race, ethnicity, and income -Displaying a map as a visual aid -Providing more specific resources based on a user’s community search result

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