Education is the most powerful weapon which is used to change the world. During this quarantine we have realized that there is a big problem with remote education. Since we are students we can talk about our experience and that of our friends and family. We see that there is a great difficulty with the teachers and students as the only learning method that students have is through worksheets, assignments or videos. But all do not have the easy and affordable access. There is some lack of internet facility as it is too expensive for common people. The possibility is that some may not be able to afford and even where they are able to afford there is a shortage that limits the need for other requirements. There may be situations due to limited internet facility they may not even actually be used, adding to the frustration. It is important to choose measures well and use them. Our idea add advantage and brings the solution of sharing data facility. Our digital platform provides passage with limited data usage for each person. In this the file or the material can be accessed and used by equal sharing of data which makes comforts to all and brings effective learning. Next we are working to implement it.

Built With

  • figma
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