We were inspired partly by the limitations of traditional stock screeners. These websites have solid resources for the enterprising investor, but they do not permit detailed queries about a stock. Furthermore, these websites never display signals--calculations based on properties of the company, such as price and trading volume--which many investors find valuable in making more informed decisions.

What it does

The pipeline downloads raw data on the stock prices of 504 large American companies. Then, it parses the data into a JSON format, which Algolia processes into a clean search engine format. On this website, one can search for company names, industries, and various numerical factors, such as the percent change in stock price over the past two weeks. Also, one can see a plot of the stock price over the past week, or the past year.

How we built it

Using the AlphaVantage API, we constructed a code base to get the price and volume data on these companies. A parser for the SEC EDGAR database (on fundamental company data) allowed us to collect data on company names and industries. Next, a series of formulas allowed us to calculated signals. One of us was familiar with the general methods and formulas, so it was only a matter of implementing them. (All of the previous was coded in Python.)

With all this data consolidated into a JSON file, Algolia was able to consolidate the data using indexes, which allowed us to specify searches based on company names, industries, and symbols. Furthermore, we could see data on these signals and other data, without allowing the user to search for them.

Challenges we ran into

We were not familiar with front-end development, and the documentation for some of our code was vague and confusing. Therefore, it was an immense struggle setting up the website in any form.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did a good job with the code base for retrieving and processing data on these companies. Also, learning new stuff (see below...)

What we learned

We learned the basics of front-end development, including HTML/CSS and some React.js, the latter being a requirement for Algolia.

What's next for Equiscreen

Cleaning up the UI, adding data on more companies, developing a mobile version!

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