Our Inspiration

We HealthCARE Finding a doctor that speaks your language when you need one is no easy task, especially in time of COVID19, adding stress to an already sensitive situation. Finding a doctor when you have a disability or impairment can also add stress to the situation. One of the Co-Founders has 14+years of experience working in the HealthCare system in Brazil, moved to Zurich last June and the COVID19 situation emerged. We submitted our project to VesusVirus Hackaton in Zurich last month and it was officially selected, we venture a Team, signed the Founders Agreement and we are now developing the prototype.

What it does

We are borderless healthcare providers. We offer services on the Users Native Language with Voice command to impaired Users, online or insite. We are B2B2C. Our Platform is User-Centered: When you need a doctor, what is the first reaction? Ask a close relative or friend for a referral, right? We will do that. Our community of users will recommend doctors and they also will share their experience with the services provided in our platform. Users can choose Virtual Practice, remote monitoring, ER facilities in Times of a Pandemic, and a Service that is suitable to them after the quarantine is over. Our Pin-Point Location Technology will offer the closest service to their location, will list the services that are available in the shortest time, and they can filter their search in a customized way. We will also offer the Serendipity technology: we will list users' friends' choices to a similar search. On the Provider's end, we will offer a customized Medical Virtual Practice equipped with Tools controlled by doctors The Virtual Office Suit is Fully integrated into their workflow, technologies, and compliant. Our network of providers is a borderless Work Cooperative. Last but not least, we will offer providers direct peer to peer payment. VALUE PROPOSITION Operation based on ​economies of scope​: The more participants use and contribute resources to the system, the richer and more useful the platform becomes Promotion of a growing range of ​interactions ​it disseminates ​collaboration ​across the ecosystem, facilitating learning, innovation, and continuous improvement and enabling advanced analytics ​and new ​insights ​into consumer health AI
SCALE AND SCOPE/Leveraged Growth: Connect players to the ​Equinox Ecosystem​, especially the specialized niche operators, to add more and more value to the user.
EDGE INITIATIVE Scaling edges provides a pragmatic pathway through rapid prototyping and leveraging resources and capabilities to accelerate learning
Bordless cooperative of Providers Last but not Least: Eco Sustainability: Awareness of Resources Usage

How I Built it

We are using waterfall technique. First of all we build the mockup designs and integrating into ReactJs on front-end and after that we will integrate API's of Ruby on Rails on the backend and other third parties services we used in our system after completing all the features there will be testing phase and after that we will launch our MVP.

Challenges I ran into

Real-time communication & prevention,

Remote medical assistance & preventive medicine via apps or remote consultations,

Building a Team

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Venture a Team

What I learned

Communication and Collaboration are Precious

What's next for equinox ecosystem

Public Release of the MVP 12 of July of 2020. Official Release of the MVP 18 of August of 2020 and Legal Entity.

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