We were inspired by the rise in violence around the world, the non-respect of Human rights, and Government Rules and regulations.

What it does

all this causes an increase in crime, rape, theft, and all sorts of illegal practices also, the Government and many organizations tries have tried but to no avail so I think it's a the problem that can be solved if each and every one of us is conscious and willing to help solve this problem

How we built it

We started by

-- Data study: We conducted a brief study on the data set to identify the problem and we did a presentation of our data in our pdf presentation from our analysis we saw that in other to solve this problem we needed a platform where people could meet to share ideas and interact with each other to solve this problem in their respective areas

--Wireframe-UI/UX design/Prototype: We move to Adobe Xd after concluding on creating a mobile app solution we moved to try to represent and illustrate our app idea and I made a prototype video in Adobe Xd we designed each app interface and all this was sent to the team in charge of coding this took the design team a month below low is a picture of the Adobe Xd design dashboard

--UI/UX testing: We booked a User interface User experience testing session with some organization and individual and ask them to rate our design and idea using the words good, satisfactory, and excellent and our feedbacks were positive we also had some suggestions and modification proposals

-Coding..: Next the design resources were sent to our team of coders to be coded

Challenges we ran into

We had problems deploying our app on google play since it's a project not funded by any organization and we are still students and unemployed

We also had little problems analyzing our data since we taught of producing an interactive dashboard on jupyter notebook

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are proud of bringing up this idea and also working on this project and we hope it helps in solving the problems we are faced with at the level of each country, town, and city

What we learned

We learn more in the field of material design and UI and UX design We also learned how to work on a solo project

What's next for equilo

Up next I hope to work on apps that will help in promoting the security and safety of people

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