When it comes to assistive technology, the mass majority of people focus on disabilities that support individuals who lack one of their major senses such as their eyesight and hearing. Oftentimes, since so much of the attention is focused on targeting ways to accommodate for disabilities such as blindness or deafness that people forget other disabilities, more specifically learning disabilities. These disabilities however minor they may be can affect every aspect of an individuals life because without being able to learn simple but foundation subjects such as Math and English it can hold an individual back from so many aspects of their life. One such of these disabilities would be Dysgraphia. This is a specific learning disability that affects written expression. It prevents individuals from being able to convert the sounds of language into written form. For example, they may write their letters/numbers in reverse or have trouble recalling how letters are formed. Essentially this provides a learning barrier since without being able to translate their thoughts and step process into words they are not able to learn as easily as others may be. When it comes to writing, there are many text to speech tools available that are able to help individuals who do have Dysgraphia. However, when it comes to doing math, these aren’t many tools available to help individuals work through the steps. As every member on our team is an avid learner and especially being aspiring engineers, we know how important it is to be able to write down math equations and steps as you are solving. This is due to the fact that unlike other subjects, math requires being able to write down the steps and see the result from one operation to another. Since people with dysgraphia may speak more easily and fluently than they write, we decided to create an app that will be able to take in math equations that the user verbally says and be able to convert that speech to text and follow along and display all steps and results as the user solves. At the same time, we coded our app so that it is able to solve simple linear equations using the concept of BEDMAS so that when the user is finished solving, they can check their final result with the correct result calculated. We hope that with this app it will help people who do have Dysgraphia overcome their learning barriers that they face in their everday life and help them to succeed in their academic career.

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