Our got the idea from online calculators such as Desmos. However, we noticed many shortcomings in desmos and similar products, so we wanted to create a better alternative.

What it does

The Equation Calculator solves for any variable in common scientific equations. Just tell it which variable is unknown and fill in the values for the rest of them, and it automatically solves the unknown. The project features both a consular and a GUI-based interface, making it accessible to users of both formats.

How we built it

The equations themselves were programmed in vanilla and Pycharm Python and the interface was designed with Python's Tkinter Module. The project's icon was created in Piskel and the jingles were composed in MuseScore. Everything was glued together in the same file that housed the code for the GUI, making said code the central file.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we faced were getting widgets to update, getting the icon to appear, making the interface user-friendly, and avoiding exception errors. One of our team members was also challenged by learning the syntax of Python on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we gave error messages that help the user know what they did wrong, that we were able to not make the interface excessively bulky, and that we were able to able to implement so many equations.

What we learned

We learned that in order to create something that works, you must know what you want to do, reach out to your team, and have excellent communication and ask lots of questions.

What's next for Scientific Equation Calculator

We will continue to add Calculators to the console but the console is only temporary. We hope to move all the equations from the console into GUI calculators. We plan on expanding into a website and app. In terms of revenue and profits, we will put ads on our product, and charge a small fee (2-3 dollars) to first buy the app. We will earn more money there through commisions, and finally, we will have a membership subscription that we allow the user to access even more features! This product has a great future!

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