Women are frequently underrepresented in media—from business articles to movies to books. Oftentimes, people don't even think about the fact that their characters or the people they're writing about are predominantly male. This tool functions as a "gender check," providing data to answer the question,"Are women represented in the text inputted?"

What it does

This webtool detects gender-related words in files and displays the ratio graphically, as well as applying an algorithm to detect potential names, questioning whether the people discussed are predominantly male instead of female.

How we built it

Using React, Javascript, html, and css.

Challenges we ran into

How to figure out an algorithm that detects names. Currently, we have an approximation that detects words that have a good chance of being names, but if we had more time, we would perfect the algorithm and try to detect whether the names are gendered using a name database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together to improve the name algorithm, and coming up with a potentially useful product!

What we learned

Building webtools is difficult, but nice interfaces make testing easier! Also, teamwork is great.

What's next for Equality Check

If we have time, we would like to put it online and make it accessible to everybody!

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