Equalify was made with one sole goal in mind, to make something as critical as healthcare accessible to as many people as possible. There are countless examples of countries in which it's just not feasible to have medical facilities at a moments notice. Many forego crucial trips to professionals due to cost. Some don't feel comfortable or feel accommodated due to believing that their personal beliefs aren't being met.

What It Does

Equalify changes all that by establishing a quick, easy, accessible and cheap way to reach medical practitioners. Equalify offers users the ability create user portfolios, including various details, to communicate with the general community of users through a chat feature or a medical professional they deem the best fit for them. The user portfolio will allow users to find a "match" with a medical professional based on their selected criteria, including gender, age, ethnicity, and spiritual association, in order to find one they feel comfortable with and understands them on a deeper level to eliminate the disconnect in a typical clinical environment.

How We Built It

Equalify was built using HTML and CSS primarily for the front-end and JS as the back-end. The features added include a chat which uses sockets, an authentication system to create users using firebase, a firebase database to store data,

Challenges I ran into

Challenges that we ran into was incorporating the firebase and sockets components respectively, as well as the overall styling. We had very little experience with the aforementioned components going into the development of Equalify so there was some issues. The firebase was especially tricky to get data pushed and pulled.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We are proud that we were able to incorporate the majority of our initial plan and getting more familiar with relatively new technologies to us in the form of Firebase and Sockets.

What We Learned

The past 2 days we managed to further our understanding of Firebase, Sockets, and HTML, CSS and JS styling in terms of coding. Outside of what we learned in terms of coding there was developing better communication to determine who is doing what part, time management t designate which time would work best with our team as to not waste our limited time, and efficiency.

What's next for Equalify

Going forward we hope to touch up the styling of the website in order to aid with user experience, add the user portfolio and learn some encryption and security as our site discusses personal medical info between our users and medical professionals.

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