With all the members of our team being techies in the same age range, we've all run into myriad bright kids. Abhinav - a student at MIT - spoke about how his CS classmates would create trading algorithms yet have no capital to take advantage of them. That's when the idea of Bit Homie Quant was born; a marketplace that would allow anyone to upload an algorithm they've made, have it backtested to insure quality, and then be connected with investors who could supply a sufficient amount of capital to successfully run the algorithm. We planned to implement a revenue sharing system that accommodated to both parties.

The reason we opted to use Bitcoin was that - given the nature of the decentralized crypto currency - it allows anyone from anywhere in the world, regardless of financial stature or nationality, to invest. The equal opportunity to invest with bitcoin would allow blue collar foreigners and financial firms to participate in the same crowdsourced investment.

We built this web application by `

Challenges we ran into

There were a number of difficult technical problems we needed to solve:

  • Uploading python code in browser and running it on server
  • Integrating with Bitcoin exchange APIs
  • Running a backtesting algorithm, streaming data to client, and generating graph
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