Our inspiration was to help those in areas where public transportation isn't able to reach them. Over 45% of Americans do not have access to public transportation and in areas where it can be over a 30-minute commute to get to the grocery store or even the doctor's office, it's important that we can leverage the private sector shuttle services to fill the gaps for those that need the transportation services the most. In the modern world of ridesharing, nobody should have to spend more than their groceries in transportation! We hope to see tomorrow with transportation for everybody!

What it does

We allow for private shuttle and coach companies to post listings for transportation services to local destinations such as a grocery store or a hospital. Based off of who in the area purchases tickets, we can create optimized bus routes to allow for transportation that is accessible to all people who want to go on the trip. We integrate with eBay to create a ticket posting and allow for verified transportation services to list their transportation services and to handle payment processing. We give the "riders" a

How I built it

The product was built entirely with Swift integrating with the eBay API

Challenges I ran into

Integrating with 3rd party services meanwhile building out UI and integrating the data from the API is often a challenge as we have to move very fast. We also spent a good amount of time validating the product and making sure that we could build the best product possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to successfully able to integrate with eBay to act as our "backend" that could handle the payments and such. We built a really solid MVP!!

What I learned

We learned how to compromise for an MVP and be able to build out products fast with others

What's next for

We hope to create the algorithm to improve the bus scheduling

Built With

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