We wanted to conscience people and companies by showing how their measurements take a huge impact on the spread of illness. Here in Spain, the situation is still very critical, and we are really conscious of this problem.

What it does

The user can set different parameters, like the number of people or the ratio infection of the disease. And then it runs a simulation of the city, which each day has three phases, sleeping at home, working at work and chilling in a random place every day. When people are in contact with someone infected, there is a probability that the susceptible on gets infected. There is a graph showing the evolution of sick people.

How I built it

The whole project is plain JS, HTML and CSS. Using Canvas we plot the visualization and the logic behind it uses only JS.

Challenges I ran into

The complexity of the simulation was very high, we used a statistical model of spread, and the implementation wasn't easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The visualization looks really cool, we spend a lot of time and effort doing it because we wanted to focus on doing it attractive for the user.

What I learned

How a statistical model of spread works and how we can get really accurate predictions by simulating behaviour.

What's next for epiViz

We want to improve the statistical model by adding more parameters and improving the behaviour of people.

Source code

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