About Epione

What does our application accomplish?

The process of booking an ambulance is often done by the patient having to call the hospital and they then send their ambulances to the location. However, this is a long and tedious procedure and can take up crucial seconds. Epione addresses this issue by having the user simply enter their contact number and then easily look for the ambulance closest to them, by precise live location services and select the one they prefer. All this can easily be done in a matter of seconds!

Advantages of our solution

User-program interactions have been minimised by converting most of the input to button-based touch input, reducing the amount of information necessary to book an ambulance and cutting booking times significantly from existing platforms, which typically require large amounts of redundant information. The web app has been developed with Bulma to ensure a lightweight and quick-loading software, and also incorporates Photon (a Javascript SDK) and PlayCanvas, a WebGL engine, for "multiplayer" functionality. This makes Epione hassle-free, extremely quick, and convenient for the user to book an ambulance to attend to them.

Unique features

Epione differs from other platforms in that it provides access to many hospitals and their ambulances to pick out the one perfectly suited to you. The application is built on the Google Maps API for Javascript, and uses Google's massive resources to provide rapid load times as well as optimal route determination to minimise the time taken for the driver to reach the ambulance. The use of the Google server and API, as well as their CDN, means that Epione has extremely high levels of scalability, and can be scaled to deploy within a city within a matter of weeks.

# Run it here: https://playcanv.as/p/7ivmnshL/

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