Project epi.log is an effort to help mitigate the outbreak of contagious illnesses within the Caribbean Region. The end goal is a multi-platform application, built on the ionic framework, which offers several features to help individuals reduce their risk of illnesses and reduce sources of illness facilitation in their surroundings. The name epi.log is a clever play on words, stemming from the words “epidemic” and “log”. The words can exhibit the process taken to reduce the spreading of illnesses; epidemic, log, epilog. The application will alert of illnesses (growing possibilities of an epidemic) nearby that users may be at risk of, and also allow users to log/report the number of risks within their household and/or workplace. There will then be an epilog provided with tutorials for methods of treatment and prevention for those illnesses the user may be aware and at risk of. A map will be available within the application to highlight the infection density of areas. And layers made available to see areas vulnerable to infection. The purpose of epi.log is not just for the safety and well being of the users, but also to provide governments, ministries, medical institutions and interested 3rd parties, with real time updates on population health status with regards to infectious diseases. This will be done through an API. This should eventually comply with Open Data policies to be put in place by GoJ.

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