Cycling is one of the most efficient modes of transportation possible, but isn't catching on.

What it does

NOT yet another bicycle share startup. A platform for bicycle share startups, rentals, and advocacy. Makes greener and more equitable transportation.

  1. Established bike share companies as well as individuals can collect money via bike sharing and bike rentals
  2. This encourages sense of ownership to discourage vandalism
  3. This builds on top of existing underused infrastructure instead of flooding the market with oversupply from competition
  4. This collects data on bike usage in order to guide bike share and rental companies in their expansion strategies

How I built it

Smartcar API, Here API, vue, javascript, Python

Challenges I ran into

Integrating Smartcar API to bicycles

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building platform with data collection included

What I learned

Deploying Here and Smartcar API in Vue.js framework

What's next for Epicycle

Finishing Smartcar API integration for bicycles, finish rental and sharing payment system

Built With

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