• The art direction is inspired by epic 70's fantasy painters Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews.
  • We wanted to make a game that used nothing but the headset to minimize gamepad-gaze disconnections and be as accessible as possible to non-players.

How it Works

  • The game controls are based on head movements only.
  • Fly using the Oculus to catch the Eggs in a race against the clock.
  • Use the Special Eggs to rack up combos, they give far more time and far more points!
  • Hold on for as long as you can and get the best score!

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing an in-house engine in 3 weeks for the Jam with native VR support was totally a new thing for us.
  • Only one Oculus, working remotely with the programmer that had no oculus and had to debug using a gamepad to simulate the headset.
  • Designing the whole game and menus with gaze selection only proved tricky ; placing menus and getting players to sort between texts and buttons was a challenge.
  • Solving VR problems without references on good VR practices.
  • Sorting contextual input between looking and steering.


  • Good reception of the devblog on the oculus jam forums, we felt a lot of support and that was very motivating
  • Sense of accomplishment and pride after going through lots of work on a short but very focused project.
  • Finding a good production pipeline
  • Seeing non-players having fun during game shows.

What we learned

  • Playtest is key, we got random people to play the game and we discovered a few things that needed to be fixed after the jam.
  • Be more proactive to support your project after the jam, it can be hard to push after such an effort but it's no use if you don't talk about it.
  • Good practices on game focus and VR design.

What's next for Epic Dragon VR

  • GearVR port soon !
  • A more ambitious VR game is the reception is good ?
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