Many People use Epics as Project Context to break up the tasks and get in control.

What it does

With this plugin one can see the sum-up of time spent to the Epic, Subtasks and Issues inside the Epic as one value.

How I built it

IntelliJ IDEA and Atlassian connect API

Challenges I ran into

Server and Cloud addons are not directly compatible, but share a big part of logic. We wanted to find a way to be able to reuse most of the logic for the Server and Cloud Version. In addition we found it difficult to find a way to determine/check the Epic issue type within a WebPanel condition. It feels inaccurate to rely on a changeable name/icon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing the first cloud addon.

What I learned

How JIRA Cloud plugins are working and their limitations.

What's next for Epic Sum Up - Free

Adding more fields, progress bars and make the addon more configurable

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