Our inspiration for this product was inspired by our desire to build an application to benefit people and our desire to work with new Windows 10 functionality.

What it does

Our application reminds you when you need to take your medicine using the latest notification system by windows. This way, a user can spend less time worrying about when to take medicine or get refills and spend more time focusing on other activities.

How we built it

The foundation for our application is the C# language and the .NET Framework. None of the project members on our team knew C# or had had prior experience working with the .NET Framework. We used the EPIC database called FHIR to get the information from our customers that we needed for our application.

Challenges we ran into

Because we did not know what we were getting into, we ran into a series of problems that held our project back considerably. One major issue was that we originally started the project in the wrong form meaning we had to transfer all our code over. This caused way more issues than expected and set us behind drastically since nearly all the code we had written had to be converted over to the proper project setup. Visual Studio also proved to be challenging to learn since we were all new to the language and the IDE as well.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

While our project did not turn out as expected, we gained an incredible amount of experience working with .NET and with C#. We also learned about the different types of Windows projects and how to properly setup a project for the application we intend to build. We also did have an almost running prototype that we are proud of because of all the effort we put into the project.

What's next for Epic Reminders

Due to the current constraints, we do not have any immediate plans to move forward with Epic Reminders. However, if the future presents the opportunity, we will look into moving further forward with our project.

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