Epic of Kings – VR is the virtual reality demo level of an action adventure game for mobile devices inspired by mythological references. The game features a deep and engaging combat system, high end visual graphics and an epic setting while being accessible for the mobile audience.


It's a third person action VR game, which will work with any android controllers. (The in-game tutorials are based on MOGA Android controller buttons, but it will work similarly with any other android controller including Gear VR controller.)

The controllers will have different functionality on different game modes:

  • Movement/Environment exploring/Chest puzzle/QTE:

o Left Analog Stick for character movement

o Right Analog Stick for general camera rotation

o Detail orbital camera movement through Gear VR movement for finding puzzle clues

o X, Y, A, B button for QTE and Chest Puzzle which starts with A Button, followed by correct sequence of buttons. (ex: A X X Y)

  • Combat

o Left Analog Stick flick for Left/Right/Up/Down attacks (attacking on the opposite direction of the enemy attack at the right time will result in parry which will put enemy on a stun mode that make him vulnerable to attacks for short period of time)

o A Button for Block

o Right Bumper for Dodge Right

o Left Bumper for Dodge Left

o X Button for Rage Execution (When rage UI is filled with one of raged levels: yellow: Level1, Orange: Level 2, Red: Level 3

o B Button: Consume health potion to regenerate full health (if HP is available)

EOKController image

Core Mechanics

  • Movement, and Exploring Environment: Player gets to explore the exciting Jungle demo level of Epic of Kings in a full 3D VR.
  • Combat: One to one combat between player and different enemies with AI adoptable to the way player plays.
  • Chest puzzle: Using Gear VR, player will inspect the chest to find clues for the sequence of buttons need to enter, in order to open the chest for Health Potion.
  • Quick Time Events: Makes player react to sudden situations happen in the game environment.


  • Camera System: Implemented a completely new camera system for exploring the environment, and during different phases of combat in a third person view which will be comfortable in VR. During Combat camera looks at center of combat most of the time that has been damped properly to work smoothly with VR. (To Do: some baked QTE camera animations need to be changed for VR)
  • UI: Easy to read UI for in game tutorials, and the health/Rage/HP during combat
  • Chest Puzzle : Using Gear VR player will inspect the chest in a 3D virtual reality environment to find the carving which gives clue to the sequence of buttons need to be entered to open the chest.
  • Combat: Has been changed to work properly with VR. Player feels the presence of the enemy during the combat, when enemy attacks towards the player or throw his sword towards the player.

Combat AI System The combat AI creates a connection between combat animations and AI actions while adapting its difficulty dynamically to bring better experience for player.

Art Style The goal for the look and feel of Epic of Kings is to render an epic fantasy world with detailed graphics. The style is a unique blend between photo-realistic and stylized rendering in order to match the whole fantasy atmosphere that is the target. A world in conflict and ruled by demigods, warriors and magic. Grand scale environments which follow a fusion of Gothic and Persian architecture will provide the epic feeling that is needed for the game.

EOK image

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