Inspired by the future of autonomous electric vehicles and unmanned COVID 19 tracking and tracing

What it does

Remotely monitors that people around are wearing masks and can also check their temperature by fitting an infrared thermometer. Awareness campaigns around social distancing, symptoms of COVID-19 can be displayed on a scrolling basis

How we built it

Various controllers, chips were assembled and the whole

Challenges we ran into

Ensuring autonomous movement, obstacles avoidance while moving, terrain management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This has already been implemented in a district called Chennai southern part of the Indian sub continent (show in the video)

What we learned

We were able to develop this is a very short time despite constraints of lockdown.

What's next for EPIC Heroes

Improvising to total vision recognition, autonomous movement fully, integration with a drone that can take off from the rover at any given point of time

Integration of the solution with various Service providers

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