Traditionally, medical discharge is a long and tedious process, in which important information to the patient is easily muzzled by other less pertinent data. ePedia streamlines this process and delivers relevant information to the patient in a visual, interactive, and mobile platform.

What it does

Our app benefits the users in 3 main ways: -Transforming the complicated discharge process into a visually enhanced experience that is easy and fun to use, yet entertaining entertaining at the same time. -Seamlessly connecting doctors to patients through FHIR, allowing prescriptions, diet plans, and exercise regimes wirelessly via iOS device. -Patient history - Allows patients to track their progress in following the medical plan and functions as a portable medical record when transitioning to adult healthcare.

How we built it

Pulled data from FHIR and created Flask server to communicate between FHIR data and iOS devices.

Challenges we ran into

At the beginning, there were many different issues such as parsing through FHIR and setting up the server. At the end of the day, it is exciting to see how we managed to solve most of them and to circumvent the rest. Perhaps the most challenging part of this app-making process was the fact that we had many great ideas and had to streamline our app into a single focus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to present such an intuitive and visually interactive app given the normally mundane data it conveys.

What we learned

We learned how extensive the discharge process is (often exceeding 28 pages of medical data), and how much information can be lost in translation in the process. Therefore, we felt further motivated to create this app.

What's next for ePedia

ePedia expects to expand on the items a doctor can dictate in each of the three main categories: Medication, Exercise, and Diet. We also plan to add customizable data, in the event a medication or exercise is not yet listed. Furthermore, a parent-report system can be added to give parents the ability to monitor their children whilst maintaining the children's freedom and independence.

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