We always have needs to something like goods and services. Sometimes, the need was came at random time. In Indonesia, there are many goods and services provided by Peddlers. Peddler or "Pedagang Keliling" is one of selling method that used by many people/seller in Indonesia, but the problems are On Peddler's side, sometimes they came through or passed by our destination when we didn't need their goods or services, so we didn't use their service at that time and made their effort (walking through their route for selling) useless, and made less income. On Consumer's side, when we need the goods or services, we waited so long for Peddler and even didn't meet the Peddlers at all because missed the time they passed by. So we got nothing for our needs and the peddler got no consumers. So, move on from those problems, I wanted to help to confront the needs and the offer where The Consumer easily find the peddlers and The Peddlers easily meet the consumer who need their goods or services.

What it does

With this in mind, I made ePeddlers, a mobile based application that help the Consumer find their needs sold by the Peddler, where the Peddler is right now, the route the Peddlers usually used so the Consumer easily can find or chase the Peddler if necessary. Also on Peddlers side, they used the Peddlers side application to collect their route and giving information where they are right now to inform the Consumers.

How I built it

I built it with Java on Android Studio and for the map i used Mapbox SDK. Some data was pre-injected to the application because of the limited time of the Hackaton just to show how it works and deliver my idea.

Challenges I ran into

With the limited time of hackaton, I face a problem using real data / device to demonstrate the situation, so I decide to use pre-injected data to the database just to see how it works. I also didn't make a fluid or beautiful UI, only the core ui function of the application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I able to make an application that I hope can be useful for us and I wish that could support small business in Indonesia especially for the Peddlers. But not only the Application but also the Idea.

What I learned

I learn a lot about how to use Mapbox Maps and Navigation SDK

What's next for ePeddlers

  • Implementing real data to the environments
  • How to optimize the battery life on Peddler's application side, since we continuously collect real time lat long from their device.

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