Taking medicines is not just a one time thing if u need to be on medication for some amount of time buying them again and again can be a bit of hassle. It might not be available on some stores . Knowing which medicines are of good quality. If we could have a digital prescription which could be easily verified on sites like netmeds(not require manual inspection).

What it does

We aimed to build a platform where doctors can write a digital prescription and share that with the patients on their mobile phones (sms) or through email as well.

How I built it

We built a web app showcasing it's use. Inside our web app we created a database where doctors could login/ register. After login they could write a prescription using keyboard or even using voice.For the patient to see the prescription it had to be stored in a format which would be sharable and still a little bit secure . So we converted the data to QR code and generated a link from which it could be accessed.

Challenges I ran into

Making the pdf format of the prescription for a easy read(for humans). Adding the voice to text conversion while writing prescription.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing all of this(voice to text, sms) in one day. Implementing a python script for sms sending and mailing. Creating a asthetically pleasing design for the web app.

What's next for EParcha

Bring a systematic change in the healthcare industry and making an app for it from which everything could be more easily managed. Provide instant verification of prescriptions for sites netmed etc.

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