EPA Sites is a web based application for mobile SmartPhones. By using the browser on the SmartPhone and a connection to the internet, a user can search for EPA sites within a specified zip code.  In addition, the user can filter their search based on the EPA program to which the site is assigned i.e. ACRES, TRIS, Superfund, etc.  An EPA site is a facility that is subject to EPA regulation. Summary information about each returned site is provided and linked to the site's EPA Environmental Interest Profile at EPA.gov.  Also, the location of each site is mapped relative to the coordinates of the zip code (as determined by the NDFD SOAP Web Service) and color coded by EPA program. To generate the EPA Sites application, EPA Geospatial Data (in XML format) was downloaded and accessed locally.  Additional information about this data source as well as other publically available web services and XML data sources provided by the US government is available at USGovXML.com.

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