We felt that the EOS Tribe challenge was playing more into our team's strengths, which largely include design and full-stack web development.

What it does

EOS limits account creation as a matter of it's design (each account uses "RAM" in the distributed EOS virtual machine, and RAM isn't free). EOS Tribe wants to expand EOS adoption by making it easier to onboard people into the EOS ecosystem, by pre-funding accounts for people who want to sign up. In the event that there is no stake available to give someone a free account, though, they still want people to be able to pre-fund their own account.

How we built it

Given the requirements, we felt very strongly that our experience with Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/JQuery, and design/typography would give us a strong edge in this case. It's a simple app with some tougher validations, so we wanted to use languages and frameworks that we were experienced with to do the work that we needed to do. Fortunately, we were strong in Ruby and JavaScript, and the core EOS.IO team has provided good, functional libraries for generating EOS-compatible keys and generally interacting with the EOS network.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting our Rails application to an external MySQL database, and figuring out how to implement a JavaScript EOS crypto library from within Rails securely and reliably - such that private keys would only EVER be generated on the client-side.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting EOS.IO's JavaScript libraries to work within Rails, and successfully generating an EOS key pair locally (AND keeping that locally-generated key pair alive through Rails actions).

What we learned

An incredible amount. We gained a basic understanding of Solidity and what it can do, how to connect Ruby on Rails to an externally-hosted database, some of us learned how to use Bootstrap, and got a good understand of the bash command line, git, and the commands these powerful tools offer. We also learned we... were a lot better than we thought we were.

What's next for EOS EasyAccount

Security, responsiveness, and recoverability! We don't want people to abuse EOS Tribe's generosity, we want them to be able to access it on any device, and we want them to be able to easily recover their information to the best of their ability.

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posted an update

We've transitioned the working parts of EOS Tribe EasyAccount to a newly generated Rails project for stability and reliability's sake (there were more than a few haphazard edits to important Rails configuration files in an effort to get this or that working that I figured it would be best to do this for stability's sake). We've also transitioned to the git flow commit/push approach (we have a "develop" branch!).

Our next moves are to get a QRCode render of the private key up and going, and to integrate BullPay's Longhorn API to allow users to pay for/stake their own EOS accounts/addresses for when the EOS Tribe offer has ended.

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