An estimated 160,000 car accidents occur each year in Canada, and Driving while drowsy is the third leading cause of car accidents after alcohol and speeding. We wanted to create an app that would reduce the number of accidents caused by drowsiness and in turn reduce the number of vehicle fatalities.

What it does

EoR is a mobile app that analyzes the driver’s eyes to determine if they are sleeping or not. It uses the phone’s front-facing camera to take pictures as they drive and analyses the face to determine if the user’s eyes are open or not. This process occurs every second. If the driver has their eyes closed for more than 3 seconds EoR triggers the phone’s alarm, which can only be disabled by focusing on the road.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

This was one of the larger mobile app members in our group worked on, and many of us picked up new technologies in its development process. Accessing the phone's camera and speaker was new to us, and processing the image using the face++ face detection API let us experience other technology suits.

We also learned how to do mobile dev work on windows which was an experience in its self.

What's next for EoR

We have a lot of ideas for increasing the safety of drivers. The first addition we want to make is an automated emergency system in the event of a crash. We can find a car's deceleration using its change in speed and displacement, which we can use to determine if the driver has been in a collision. Following a collision, our app can automatically dial emergency services and play a distress message containing valuable information about the driver and their current location. This will reduce the amount of time for first responders to show up, improving the driver's chance of surviving a serious injury.

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