Enzyme does not have many tools for easier vault management. If you want to change your portfolio, you have to trade assets one swap at a time.

What it does

The Enzyme Vault Management Tool has features for 3 features for ease of access. These 3 features will empower vault managers to manage their portfolio quickly and easily.

  1. Buy/Sell Limit: Allows you to enter a price and once that price has been reached, a token swap will occur. It currently only executes on the current page and will stop once you exit the page or browser.

  2. Liquidate: Allows you to liquidate multiple tokens at once to another ERC 20 Token.

  3. Rebalance Portfolio: Allows you to enter in amounts for a new rebalanced portfolio. The order plan swaps to WETH first and then the corresponding tokens similar to TokenBlend from Hack Money 2021.

How we built it

We used the Enzyme Bot by Erin Koen from Avantgarde Finance and built on top of it. We added a getPrice utility function that uses the Enzyme Subgraph. The front end is done with React and Chakra UI.

Challenges we ran into

Enzyme Kovan is unreliable when it comes to swapping tokens, we always received more tokens than we should have gotten in a swap (ex 1USDC - USDT will give us 2 USDT instead).

We were not able to trade WETH on Kovan for some reason at multiple during our development. We doubt it is a code issue on our end as it worked and stopped working when the code stayed the same.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI is beautiful and was done completely by Rhaidzsal Ali. The bot works well for liquidating and buy/sell limit but we still have more features we want to add and some small fixes.

What we learned

We learned Typescript, Ethers.js, Chai and Mocha for testing and how to access subgraphs.

We also learne about the Enzyme protocol and how vaults work as we were researching features to implement.

What's next for Enzyme Auto Manager Bot

We'd like to add percentages for the Rebalance Portfolio and make it similar to TokenBlend in terms of having pre-made blends. We'd also want to add other automated trading that is needed by the community.

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