Our inspiration was the lack of a Chess game for the GearVR platform and since we are fans of chess and coding, we decided to make our own game

What it does

You can play chess against an advanced AI and choose different environments in which you can experience it. All of this while listening to relaxing music. The game is meant to train your mind in the arts of chess while also fully relaxing yourself in the soothing atmosphere. There are currently 5 environments: Museum, Lonely Island, Volcano, Moon and Underwater.

How we built it

We are building the game in Unity using C#. For the 3D models we are using Blender.

Challenges we ran into

We are not experienced in Unity that much so we have to deal with the Scripting API they provided

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Blender and Unity

What we learned

Unity and Blender. Mostly using the C# Scripting API from Unity

What's next for EnVRo Chess

Finishing it and launching it on the Oculus Store. We'll also be trying to add multiplayer to the game as chess is best played against friends.

How to install

For the installation I have provided a ConstructVR link. Sometimes, building the apk file fails, but I think this is just a problem from ConstructVR. Simply reclick Build inside the app and you will get the apk file in the end

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posted an update

I have now posted a ConstructVR link. The documentation is not clear if the apk version needed to be changed so I hope it works. I have also submitted to SideloadVR and will post the link in the near future. Until then, please let me know if the ConstructVR link works

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