Envolve began as a group of students looking to enact change on their campuses. While University administrators boast about fostering familial bonds with students, students have struggled to get their concerns addressed or even recognized by administration. Students understand the issues they face on campus best with their first hand experiences but lack the influence to enact the change they need. Administrators are experienced and influential, but become bogged down with bureaucracy. This gap widens as politics and media come into play. We believe a collaborative platform for honest dialogue about campus issues that allows for failure and growth is the bridge needed to find the right solutions.

Envolve is a discussion platform for campus members to engage in honest conversations toward collectively building a sustainable university experience for all. Envolve fosters the progression of conversations through its innovative two dimensional communication map. This inclusive space brings together all stakeholders of campus issues, from students to faculty, campus workers to administrators, to address the diverse challenges holistically and transparently

Find us on GitHub: https://github.com/Mitsukizzy/Envolve

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