A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. We discussed the theme with our team members and the first idea that came to our minds was creating a platform where we can share problems like wastage on roads or open potholes with everyone. We decided that our project will be based on this and more ideas came to our minds while we were building this.

What it does

EnvMatric is a website that has solutions to Environment related issues.

What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.
--> We have made a portal where users can upload images of places where they see waste dumped unattended or open potholes.
--> All the images with their description will be available on a wall. We can upvote it (it will be stored in Database). We can also mark the area as Cleaned (We intend municipal corporation or people who are responsible for fixing potholes do this).

Time spent among trees is never time wasted.
--> We have made a forest which has Augmented Reality models which users can see live in their environment. It also has VR models. Users can see them integrate in our site. It is to increase awareness and push people to avoid the extinction of these animals.

Environmental blogs are platforms offering great ways to create awareness about various environmental issues including pollution and aspects about building a green community.
--> We have made a blog for this.

People are more interested to do a certain task when there is a reward system. There is a "Grow your plant" feature in our website. People can mark the activities they did during the day and it will grow if the activity is good for environment and plant will degrade on doing things that harm the environment.

We can motivate our friends to do their part for the environment by sending them environment quotes through Twilio API in our website.

How we built it

We divided the work among all our team members and fixed deadlines. This makes creating big websites very convenient as well as interesting. Our front end of the site is made using ReactJS. and backend is made with ExpressJS (Nodejs). We have handled images using Multer in the backend. The database that we have used is MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

--> Handling images looks very easy from far but if you are like us who don't have much knowledge about the blob, array buffer, etc, working for the first time using multer will be hard.
--> Configuring Twilio API is hard for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

--> The very first accomplishment we are proud of is that we successfully completed the project on time.
--> We enjoyed every bit of making this project. We even visited swimming pool for shooting video in which dolphins can be seen in swimming pool. You can see the image in Image Gallery (1st Image).
--> Our Coordination and team work got better.

What we learned

--> Using Twilio API, Auth0, Collaboration with Github
--> Integration of 3d Models in our site, Blog feature, and many more
--> Using Multer to handle images. Storing images in backend and retrieving it in frontend.
--> Creating best UI with ReactJS

What's next for EnvMatric

--> We plan to make a mobile version of the website.
--> We also plan to make a discord-like application using Twilio API where people from various parts of city can join the server and post regarding the environmental problems.

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