We started off with an idea is to help women to rejoin the workforce and keep connected to society by creating education websites for upwork, as many lose the ability to work as they are disconnected from society for years due to family reasons or child care. Later, we noticed the power of community and we would like to establish an online supportive community for women to learn from and help each other.

We created a web forum with gamification components and education resources. To elaborate, users can write a post offering help/ advice to new mothers for example, and they will be awarded points, which can be used for unlocking online vocational courses.

As not everyone has access to the internet or smart devices, we would also like to tackle the digital divide and inequality in the chance of receiving education by setting up a scheme to collect old or unwanted phones/ laptops and redistribute them to women who need them.

What it does


  • Users can register for an account and log in

  • Users can view post

  • Users can create a new post

  • Users can reply to a thread

  • Users can gain points when others like your post

  • Users can access educational resources in the shop


Call +1 614-367-5015

Note: you can call international numbers for free using Google Hangouts ;D

How we built it

  • UI design using Figma

  • Chatbot development using Dialogflow

  • Front-end development using html, css and javscript

  • Back-end development using flask and firebase

Challenges we ran into

Our team has not much experience with back-end development and we spent a lot of time learning the basics and figuring out how things work

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an app!

What we learned

We learnt a lot about using Flask for backend development

What's next for Envizion

  • system to collect old devices and redistribute (through NGOs)

  • web app to collect details of donation

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