Homework can be a bit of an overwhelming activity, and sometimes we just want to get it over with so we can watch our favorite Netflix show! Do not procrastinate on homework any longer! Homework stacks can easily become overwhelming, especially if you have a ton of assignments to fulfill. If you're constantly putting off doing your assignments until tomorrow or next week, try using an "attention deficit" approach.

That's why I thought to create an app, which incentive users for completing their homework.

What it does

Envisor is a study app, which rewards users for every homework or school task they complete, and they can redeem points in Paypal or other Giftcards.

How we built it

Android Studio, Java, Google Material Design, Google Firebase, and Google Authentication.

Challenges we ran into

1) Integration of Google Authentication, and Google Firebase 2) Saving and Retrieving Date about tasks from Google Firebase. 3) Finding Ad Network with a high CPC, and its implementation.

What's next for Envisor - Study with Rewards

1) New Tab for study, where students can input points they want to study for, and they can earn more points for the time they study. 2) New for Referrals system, after which we will receive more downloads, and users can get more points sharing the app with their friends. 3) Working on the point system, and developing a high scoreboard so users can get more motivated to study more, and earn more. 4) Developing IOS app, and publishing it on various app stores.

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