What worries us the most is the attitude of the people towards the environment and we wish to change it in a big way. The growing problems the environment is facing is a great shock for everyone. Well being of the environment is essential for the existence of the living race. We came to realise that if we don't do anything to save our environment in time , it will be too late to do anything and in the end we will be the ones to suffer. So we decided that we should definitely do something that can benefit mother earth in some way.

What it does

ENVISION DOES:- 1) Rewards people for completing eco-tasks which are tasks which would help the environment and give them Greecos which is a green currency which can be redeemed for products which help the environment. 2)Encourage people to write blogs on DIY products made of recyclable materials along with asking others to do the same project and contribute to the database with Greecoins.

How we built it

We built it using Javascript, CSS and HTML with php.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were many. We did not know each other at all and also we had no idea of how it would turn out. This is also our first hackathon. We had to face issues like making time for the project and the various meetings and sometimes even network issues as we all belong to different areas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we have done it on time. We wanted to do it well and we did. This was our first time and we did do something together despite being miles and miles away...!

What we learned

While doing this project together with the teammates we learned a lot. First of which is teamwork and team support. We learnt to crack problems together and cooperate with each other because of which our work was smooth. We also learnt new concepts, different ways to crack a problem as well as the most practical way to face it. We also had to learn core programming languages, dive deep and use graphic elements etc.

What's next for Envision

Next we aim to roll it out to the market after introducing the Book Exchange Feature through which people can exchange books via post (with us being the middle body) (after paying a few Greecos as fees)

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