We noticed there was more data on the internet now than there has ever been before. Thus we decided to make use of the information to build an algorithm by analyzing over hundreds of companies and its statistics to build a predictive model.

What it does

Envision uses mathematical algorithms and the power of artificial intelligence to predict the level of success through regression analysis. It uses dozens of pieces of data from VC backers to natural language processed news articles from a wide range of sources to predict commercial success.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was with accessing data sources. The code involving that was very tricky and we got confused a lot. We often had to switch gears and try different ways to get past an issue. Also, we initially planned on making the application a chrome extension but sadly, there were many small intricacies that we couldn’t solve, neither could the mentors :( .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our application was able to accurately predict the growth of a company by extracting public data from variety of sources. We were able to manually input data of the early stages of today's big tech companies such as Snapchat, and accurately predict that there will be massive growth in relation to other startups in the sector.

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