My childhood friend and I, Alex, get together to write a lot. We've been writing short stories, brainstorming scripts for films since elementary school, and have just started to explore the world of theater. I've noticed that whenever we write, we seem to follow a pattern. We start of blazing fast, gaining momentum as we come up with seemingly perfect idea after idea.
 And then we hit a wall.
 Every time, there is something that we don't understand, a plot element, feeling, concept, or idea that we cannot grasp, cannot make sense of. In these situations we usually turn to Google, and search the internet for answers.
 We usually do not find anything.

 That is exactly why I decided to spend 30 hours of valuable hacking time, learning time, coding this web app that I call envision. It is meant to teach, to describe, to convey. It is meant for people who do not understand something, who wish to delve into the deep currents and wilderness beneath the surface of an idea.

 Here's how it works:

 Users are greeted with a simplistic opening screen, which says envision and them prompts them for a topic. 
 Let's say my friend and I are confused about writing a report about a certain piece of abstract art. We have no idea what it means. We would enter the name of the painting when prompted for a topic, and then we would journey into the artwork's realm.

Envision presents a user with a screen that is quite simple on sight. Its a bunch of blurbs of text, floating around a screen. The user can interact with the text by moving his/her cursor, and the utilization of a LEAP motion device to interact with the text is in progress. This is a new and completely different way of communication. Blurbs of text that the user pushes towards the outside disappear much more quickly than blurbs of text that people choose to keep in the middle. So the blurbs of text that more people agree with, that represent everybody's opinion more, stay in the middle, in the conversation. Anybody can type anything, and everybody can see everything. That's its power. You see, by doing this, envision essentially captures the whole internet's perspective on a certain topic, uses the collective consciousness formed by our interconnection to allow people like me and my friend to capture the real gist of that piece of abstract art, and maybe even learn something about ourselves. Envision grows and pulses with the internet itself, a theoretically infinite number of "topics" can be started and contributed to. Anyone has the ability to contribute to a topic, and anyone has the ability to make one. Thats its power.

Envision uses imgur's API to represent these "topics" through not just text, but images too, so that users get a complete feel of the topic. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Envision looks amazingly simple, and thats because it is.

And yet, it is so much more.

Amazingly simple, simply amazing.

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