With the recent surges in Asian American violence across America, we felt that it was necessary to bring some positivity to the Asian American community. Asian Americans are often overlooked or branded with certain stereotypes in society. We hope to be altering that and minimizing the marginalization that is perpetuated on Asian Americans.

Our goal

Envisage is a platform for spreading awareness of anti-Asian hate. Through the publication of unique Asian cultural assets and facts/figures that depict the obstacles and burdens past and present Asian Americans face, we will spotlight Asian Americans who have created a positive impact for their own community.

Initially, we attempted to find API’s that had any relation to the Asian American community. Since we couldn’t find any, we decided to showcase the talents that many Asian Americans are capable of producing. Our app is designed in vanilla javascript, html, and css due to our rudimentary knowledge of full-stack web development.

What it does

Web app shows spotlight articles of Asian Americans.

EnvisageBot answers general queries about anti-Asian hate and clears up misunderstandings about Asian Americans.


a. Web

b. Telegram

c. Line

How we built it

  • Web development using HTML, CSS, and JavasSript

  • Chatbot development using Dialogflow and JavaScript

  • Integrated to Line, Telegram, and web

Challenges we ran into

Most of us have no experience in chatbot development and we spent a lot of time learning the basics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a functional prototype!

What we learned

We learned a lot about conversational design and Dialogflow integration with different communication apps.

What's next for Envisage

  • Web app to spotlight Asian Americans' achievements and contributions

  • Push notifications in chatbot for weekly spotlight articles and inspirational stories

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