Environmental Statistics Browser/PDF generator


This app is presented to Innovating for Environmental Health challenge.

Demo Video

What it does

Browse CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network Data catalog in a friendly way. Print tables and charts to a PDF format.

Our app is targeted to:

  • EH professionals
  • Environment Agencies
  • Consumers

Usage instructions

The user is presented with a table when they can see all measures and indicators. Optionally, the user can select a Content Area

... and even search a measure by name.

A measure row from this table can be expanded to select a year's values. A list of data values by state is shown and an accompanying chart.

This chart can then be downloaded in PDF format.

How I built it

Used bootstrap tables and Java libraries that call Jasper Reports in the back-end.

What's next for EnviroStats

Including more data sources and report types.

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