The idea of the project came to me when I realized many of my friends, family and people in my country bought almost every basic necessities item on Amazon. There being other online companies who sell the same stuff but eco-friendly, slavery free and even more affordable. There I decided to make my research about this matter and found out Amazon takes up 71% of the e-commerce (excluding other large e-commerce companies like eBay and wish). It made me realize that this ain’t only a problem in my country but in the whole world. Our online economy is all directed to the same business making a bad impact not only on society but in the environment. This eager me to find a solution and during this hackathon my teammates were as aware of the problem as me and found one. We discovered all eco-friendly and slavery free online shops are disperse in the internet making it hard for users to find one that suits them. So we decided to create a diverse and educational website which includes a variety of online companies for the user to pick the best fit for him/her/they.

What it does

Environshop is a website that gives users a wide variety of eco-friendly and slavery free companies. But not only that we also give users education of why it is important to buy from these companies throughout the facts we offer and movements you contribute by buying in those companies. Finally we added a webcam that identifies what the user wants by showing it, this can use if his doesn't have the capacity to click what he wants to look for making this website extremely diverse.

How we built it

First we discussed and brainstormed how we want to format our website, the targets, and how to make it as user-friendly and impactful as possible. Then we start creating a wireframe using Miro, finding calm soothing colors, the perfect font, and creating our logo. After deciding how we want it to work, we start doing research on the best environmental friendly item for each category. Our websites need to ensure that our resources are accurate and high-quality as well as well researched. Then we started coding the regular pages, and categories using html, and CSS. Then added our unique features such as our machine-learning camera which is created using tensor, koras, and JavaScript. We also implement a fun quiz feature using JavaScript. And finally we finish off with extra resources to also spread awareness other than our abundance of resources in each of our category page!

Challenges we ran into

This is my first time using a machine learning webcam on the project, it was quite a struggle to figure out the threshold and method to open the page based on the item, but thankfully we did it in the end!! At first our CSS was also really messy, and we had problems making it look clean, centered, and proper, but finally we learned new functions and succeeded in making this website real!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of the webcam on our website. It was an introduction to machine learning for all of us but one of our teammates poured her dedication on it. Until finally we could see the webcam on the website.

What we learned

The importance of teamwork, each one of us had a quality or talent that was put to use. Even our soft skills were essential for this project to succeed. We also learned the importance of good communication and expression of ideas, the team is from different parts of the world meaning English isn’t necessary our native language but even though we pulled it through and understood every idea we had in mind for our website. Finally during the process of researching information about each company, movements and facts we learn more about negative connections the online industries have with the environment and how the economy is a key concept to change this connection.

What's next for Environshop

Environshop is aware that there is always space to improve. We will focus on giving the maximum potential we can give on each of our features, publicity and making it more user friendly as possible.

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